Savivaldybės biudžetinė įstaiga savivaldybe . Biliūno g. 31, LT-29111 Anykščiai    Įstaigos kodas 190046913
Tel. (8 381) 50862
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The most important information about the progymnasium

Anykščiai Antanas Vienuolis progymnasium is a state budgetary institution. Its founder is Anyksciai City Municipality. Its type – progymnasium, teaching language – Lithuanian. Code 190046913. The progymnasium is led by head teacher Danutė Mažvylienė

At the moment there are 20 classes, 479 students. There are 74 people working, among them 53 are teachers.

The progymnasium provides primary and the first part of the basic education (years 1– 8). Its aim is to ensure opportunities for every student to seek its personal progress and better learning results. It also works towards students to gain life – long learning competences while paying attention to civil, social and cultural development of the personality. The school puts considerable effort into creating a positive school climate and bullying prevention.Very big attention is given to recognition of gifted students and development of their individual skills.

The school participates in different national and international projects in order to reach the goals successfully:

ERASMUS+KA1 The education of student's critical thinking with the help of TOC (Theory of Constrains) tools
Erasmus+KA2 School And Parents Partneship For A Sustainable Education
Erasmus+KA2 Learn Smart in FutureLand
Erasmus+ "Inovative learning /teaching using model “SMART‘‘
Anyksciai Antanas Vienuolis progymnasium team participated in the course called Samsung School for the Future organised by the company „Samsung Electronics Baltics“ and won the first prize in 2018. The staff gained much experience in IT and use it widely for teaching.

Requests for learning can be sent electronically or coming to the progymnasium office on weekdays

J. Biliūno g. 31, LT-29111 Anykščiai
tel.: (+370 381) 50 860, (+370 381) 50 862.
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Office working hours:
I–IV 8.00–17.00, V 8.00–15.45